Treating Common Back Problems with Massage Therapy

Unless you’ve experienced a prolonged bout of back or neck pain, it’s hard to realize how the discomfort affects everyday living activities. Turning your head is impossible, and finding a comfortable way to sit is not any easier. While you could rely on painkillers to get through the day, consider giving massage therapy at the hands of a chiropractor try. Here are a few of the types of common back pain and neck conditions that massage therapy will help.

Pain in the Lower Back

At one time or another, we’ve all turned a little too quickly or managed to wrench our lower backs. When this happens, we usually end up with throbbing pain that no amount of heat or ice can calm. When may even decide to stick it out until the swelling begins to subside. Instead of this “waiting it out” treatment, think about seeing a chiropractor who is trained in massage therapy.

lower back pain

The right type of manipulation will help ease the tension that is carried in those injured muscles and promote better blood flow. This is important since you need the blood to carry healing nutrients to the injured tissue. After a couple of sessions, you’ll notice that the pain is beginning to ease off, and it is possible to move without feeling like your body is about to separate into two pieces.

Living With Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that causes extreme sensitivity and pain in various parts of the body. Some people find that the back of the neck and certain areas along the spinal column are especially sensitive. As a result, those muscles carry a great deal of tension.


At first glance, you wouldn’t think that seeking treatment in the form of massage therapy would be a wise move. After all, massage does involve touch, and that would appear to be the last thing you would want.

In fact, a trained therapist can use therapeutic touch strategies that are not just tolerable but help to reduce the amount of pain triggered by attempting to sit in a high back chair or having someone touch the shoulder.

Recovering from Whiplash

Whiplash is a popular term for neck strain. It is most commonly associated with a sudden jerking movement that causes the muscles in the neck to stretch almost to the breaking point. If you have ever been involved in a car accident that caused you to lurch forward, then you have some idea of how stiff and sore the neck will be in the days ahead.

Instead of taking anti-inflammatory medications or maybe even something stronger, consider massage therapy as a treatment. The right type of kneading action will soothe the inflamed tissue and ensure that the blood circulation is not inhibited in any way. As the muscles begin to relax, any swelling that is present will fade.

Seeking Massage Therapy Treatment

If you are experiencing pain in the back or neck for any reason, today is the day to contact Scott Chiropractic and make an appointment. After examining the area and discussing treatment options, the massage can get underway. By the time the first session is finished, you’ll be able to tell a difference and want to schedule another session.

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