The difference between a good or bad chiropractor makes all the difference in the type of chiropractic care you receive. Finding a chiropractor that is attentive and caring requires awareness of the warning signs.

By understanding what to look for when seeking a knowledgeable and effective chiropractor, there are three warning signs to pay close attention to, as they indicate the need to find a new chiropractor right away.


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Scheduling Excessive Visits

One of the first warning signs to look for is whether the chiropractor schedules excessive visits. If your chiropractor suggests a 3, 6 or 12 month commitment after only the first or second visit, view that as a red flag.

With regular attendance to scheduled appoints, injuries heal over time. As the condition of the muscles improves, the pain desists. In turn, fewer appointments will be required until eventually care is no longer needed.

If your chiropractor determines your condition requires an extended care plan before tracking the progress of their treatment for a while first, consult with another chiropractor to get a second opinion.

Is The Chiropractor Treating The Right Area?

Aside from that, pay attention to see if the chiropractor treats areas where there is no pain. When treating your lower back, there is no need to treat your neck as well, and vice versa. While some chiropractors may proclaim that manipulation in associated areas is beneficial in treatment, the truth is that the most effective treatment is a result of focus on the direct site of pain.

If your chiropractor begins to treat an area that is free from injury or pain, consider scheduling an appointment with another chiropractor to get an outside consultation.

Questionable Diagnostics

Thirdly, watch for questionable diagnostics and take them as a warning sign if you suspect some. A chiropractor treats pain and loss of mobility as it related to your spinal column. If you suffered nerve damage, a neurologist would be needed to treat the nerves.

If by chance your muscles are weak due to illness or loss of strength, an internist or dietician may need to be a part of your care. Doctors operate solely within their specialty field, so if you notice your chiropractor treating parts of your body outside your spinal column, accept that as an indication that you need to find a focused doctor.

All in all, warning signs like excessive visits, unnecessary treatment and questionable diagnostics are valid reasons to search for a replacement chiropractor. Look for a chiropractor who will refer you to appropriate professionals to pinpoint treatment.

Look for one that will aim to increase your mobility and decrease your pain as quick as possible. When you become a patient of Scott Chiropractic on Lake Loveland, you will discover that your wellbeing and recovery is our focus. Call and schedule an appointment today and experience the type of care that will help you live pain-free and mobile.