4 Simple Tips to Reduce Back Pain Caused By Carrying a Heavy Bag

Almost all of us have to carry some sort of bag to function in our daily lives. If we’re students, we carry backpacks filled with heavy textbooks. If we’re in the work world, we carry briefcases filled with laptops, devices and paperwork. Unfortunately, this heavy load has increased the need to seek a chiropractor for upper back pain and other joints afflicted.

How To Help Reduce Back Pain

You can reduce back pain caused by your heavy bag, if you follow some basic tips. Here’s how you can reduce your back pain in relation to your bag.

Don’t Carry More Than Ten Percent Of Your Body Weight

Try picking up your bag and weighing yourself. If your bag adds over 10% of your body weight to your total weight, it’s simply too heavy for you to be carrying. People who lift weights for physical fitness are fine to do so as they aren’t carrying these weights for a prolonged period of time. However, carrying a lot of weight for long periods of time can be a huge cause of pain and injury. Stay under 10% of your body weight to be safe.

Invest In A Wheeled Bag

Wheeled bags are a great invention and chiropractors are sad that more people don’t utilize them on a daily basis. Some people don’t like the “look” of a wheeled bag, but switching to a wheeled bag can greatly reduce your back pain and risk of injury.

Check Your Shoes

If you’re wearing bad footwear, it will exacerbate the pain you feel from carrying your bag. Wear shoes with great arch support that have a low heel. You’ll enjoy a reduction in the amount of pain and stress you feel on your back while carrying your bag.

Clean Out Your Bag

It’s one thing to be carrying around things you really need, but it’s a whole other animal to be carrying around junk that you could have just as easily left at home. Go through your bag and remove anything that you might be carrying around for no good reason. “De-cluttering” your purse, backpack or briefcase is a simple way to reduce its weight.

If you’re still experiencing back pain after following these pain reduction tips, then you probably would be wise to seek the help of a chiropractor. To reduce your pain and improve your quality of life, call Scott Chiropractic on Lake Loveland today to schedule an appointment.