Chiropractic Care for Treating Headaches

Almost all of us have had headaches at one time or another. We’ve had minor headaches that are easily relieved by aspirin, regular pain relievers, food or hot coffee, or by just resting. But some of us have suffered severe, lingering and unusual headaches that, even considering the risks of chiropractic care, prompt sufferers to pursue treatment. Especially if we cannot bear the pain or the pain gets in the way of our daily activities.

treat headaches with a chiropractor

It’s hard to understand the real causes of headaches. The brain tissue and the skull don’t have nerves that can transmit pain, so they cannot be the cause of pain. There is no such thing as a pain in the brain. However, the blood vessels and the brain tissues can register pain in the head, as well as muscles, scalp, teeth, sinus can also cause head pain.

Headaches are felt in different ways. It can be felt in some parts of the head, sometimes only in a particular area. Sometimes there is a dull pain around the eyes, or in the temples. Some people feel nauseous and some people feel a pounding or throbbing pain in their head. The intensity of the pain varies from dull or sharp, stabbing pains. Some last for a short time and others may last for days.

Fortunately, very few people are affected with headaches that are of alarming origin that would need urgent medical care. Most other headaches are treatable and just need some attention and light medication. They can be effectively treated with chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic Care for Headaches

About 95% of all headaches are not caused by a disease or an injury. They are usually primary headaches like tension, migraine and cluster headaches that disable millions of Americans. These headaches can be relieved through various painkillers; however, some of their effects don’t last long and may even cause annoying or harmful side effects.

Research studies show that chiropractic adjustments work very well in treating headaches, especially those that begin in the neck. Chiropractic patients also reported fast improvement, longer-lasting relief and fewer side-effects after treatment. Chiropractic care will relax those tense muscles and offer natural pain alleviation for headaches and migraines.

The chiropractor will perform a manipulation of your spine and improve its alignment through chiropractic adjustments. This alignment will lessen the stress on the muscles, especially those in your neck. It will also relieve the stress that often leads to headaches.

If you are suffering from frequent or chronic headaches, try the alternative to medications. Consult a chiropractor in your area for a natural, long-lasting treatment. Visit Scott Chiropractic on Lake Loveland when you’re in Colorado and entrust your health to the professionals.