4 Leading Exceptionally Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

There are many causes of lower back pain that plague Americans and lead to them not being able to live truly fulfilling lives. Regardless of earnings or social status in the US, the number one reason why most people in America seek medical help is because of back pain. As much as eight out of every ten people suffer back pain at some point in their lives. Hence, when considering deep tissue massage, lower back pain prompts many of the chiropractic care inquiries.

Man at Work with Lower Back Pain

Although many medical professionals agree that there are different types of back pain, the two most common groups are acute and chronic back pain. Acute lower back pain is a result of injury to the ligaments of the lower back that may be caused by either spasm in the local muscle or a tear in either the muscles or ligaments in that area. Chronic back pain happens when the pain in the back persists for longer than 12 weeks, even after all the symptoms of lower back pain have been treated.


4 Major Causes of Lower Back Pain

The lower back is a complicated and varied part of the human body. Many conditions can lead to lower back pain which, if left untreated, can become even more severe in the long run and result in long-term debilitation of health. Among the causes of lower back pain are:


1. Herniated Disc

Although a herniated disc may not necessarily cause serious lower back pain, in some patients the pain can be excruciating, starting in one area and then spreading to other adjacent locations. After herniation, discs may not necessarily heal completely.


2. Sprains and Strains

When the body is tasked with sudden activity, this type of lower back pain tends to crop up because muscles and ligaments that are usually not in use are pressed into immediate service without any forewarning. This can lead to overstretching of muscles which then leads to tears in the muscle fibers and ligaments, causing extreme lower back pain.


3. Stress

Woman Stressed at Work

Constant stress leads to an increase in hormone release in the body. This leads to a state of tense muscles that can eventually result in the weakening of ligaments and fibers. Dealing with stress right away can prevent injury due to constantly tensed muscles.


4. Vertebral Subluxation

This type of disorder comes from a misalignment, disruption or abnormal separation in the location of the nearby vertebrae. Vertebral subluxation in the lower back usually occurs within the lower spine and sacrum. Due to the way the spine is inexorably linked with the spinal nerves, problems within this part of the body can lead to long-term damage to the vertebral nerves.


Treatment Options

Treatment options vary depending on the severity of the pain. In less extreme cases, back pain simply disappears on its own. The history of the patient comes into play here as to whether the pain may be due to an older injury or one that was thought to have been dealt with in the past. Any type of back pain can be dealt with quickly by a visit to Scott Chiropractic on Lake Loveland. Contact them today to make an appointment to see a professional about that lower back pain before it becomes a whole lot worse.

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